Point Holmes Beach

Looking toward Denman and Hornby Island from the beach at Point Holmes.
Point Holmes #1

Point Holmes in Comox, British Columbia is a beautiful destination for dramatic landscape photography, and many compositions of boulders, water, and clouds are possible at this beach. The rising tide creates new arrangements of boulders and water to photograph from countless different angles. Interesting cloud formations can appear over the Salish Sea.

Rising tide isolates larger rocks at Point Holmes.
Point Holmes #2
Looking across the Salish Sea from Point Holmes, Comox, BC.
Point Holmes #3
A gravel bar is separated from the beach as the tide rises at Point Holmes, BC.
Point Holmes #4

Working the Boulders

On the east side of Vancouver Island, views across the Salish Sea or along the coast are possible. At Point Holmes beach, Denman and Hornby Island are visible in the distance. Uniform rocks on the beach submerged as the water rose and new patterns and combinations of water and stone appeared. Gravel bars separated from the shore, forming isolated islands. Cloud formations add variety to the possible compositions.

A large rock surrounded by water at Point Holmes.
Point Holmes #5
Several rocks in the rising tide at Point Holmes, BC.
Point Holmes #6

Large boulders are part of the foreshore at Point Holmes and they become more prominent, separated from the smaller rocks of the beach on an incoming tide. Finding more compositions became easier and the sky took on the colours of salmon, blue, and gray.

Looking back toward the Beaufort Range on Vancouver Island, British Columbia from Point Holmes.
Point Holmes #7
Wispy clouds in the sky above the ocean at Point Holmes, Comox, BC.
Point Holmes #8

These images from Point Holmes are a small selection of landscapes I’ve photographed around Vancouver Island. Additional photographs of this rocky beach during low tide are available at Boulders at Point Holmes. To purchase or request images for use, pleaseĀ contact Dave Ingram.