Abstract Graffiti

Originally exhibited at Artful: The Gallery as part of the group show Locality: Space and Time (July 6 to September 10, 2022) these six photographs of abstract graffiti are available as limited edition prints.

All of these images are from the alley between 5th Street and 6th Street in Courtenay, British Columbia. Over several years, graffiti on a cement wall in the Simms Street Alley was covered and recovered by paint. I photographed the “conversation” between the tagger and the response of the painter as the work evolved. Looking at the series of photographs, you can see the progression as a new abstract piece emerges from previous interactions.

Each image is available as a single 8×12 print from an original limited edition set of five prints. They are suitable both as an individual piece or as a triptych. The works can be displayed in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Contact Dave Ingram for more details.

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