Cardboard Only

Cardboard Only, 1-365

Cardboard Only - a series of recycling bins photographed at night.

Fujifilm XT-2, 16mm XF f/1.4
800 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80s 
PRO Neg Hi

I’m looking to push my creativity in 2020 with a 365 day photo project. I’ll be creating and posting (as regularly as I can) at least one new image a day.

If you follow my Instagram you know that I like photographing dark and empty places, there is something really interesting about light and mood at night that appeals to me. And so it is fitting that my first post of 2020 is this fabulous location in Courtenay, BC. I’ve photographed this place several times over the years and keep returning to it. Awesome light, weird objects, compelling shapes. I’ll likely revisit it again in the next 365 days.

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